Igor Breakenback Biography

Having been working in the Industry since the age of fifteen, Igor Breakenback has gained exceptional knowledge in many different fields of filmmaking. His credits range from acting, directing, producing, to stunt coordinating and writing. His work can be found on some of the most expensive Hollywood Blockbusters (Alexander, Superman Returns, Ultraviolet,…), Feature Films (Outlaw, WAZ,…), TV Films & Shows (False Witness, Underbelly 2, Home & Away, All Saints,…), Reality TV (Survivor, Gladiators,…), Indie Films (Good Luck With That,…) and many other projects.

While working in the US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, Igor has been able to communicate with cast & crew sometimes in up to six different languages. Igor’s exposure in Film, Stunts and professional sports all over the world, gained him lots of fans. This led to registering “Breakenback” as a trademark. In the recent years since the release of “Good Luck With That”, we have finally seen Igor’s fan base fuse into one. “After The Outback” is the vehicle that will help make the “Breakenback” brand go from a pop culture/cult to more of a mainstream success.

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