Breakenback Stunts Seminars

Breakenback Films now conduct seminars in all areas of stunt performance, each course is designed to raise the standard of performance for both aspiring stunt performers as well as those currently working in the industry.

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Body Control

Introduction to Stunt Work

This is an introduction to stuntwork with a focus on body control which is essential to being a stuntie, it is mandatory if you wish to become involved in any of our other courses. It is a great way to get to know working stunties, develop your basic industry skills and find out what it takes to become a professional stunt performer.

Advanced Body Control - Screen Combat

Going beyond the basic punches and kicks to provide safe fighting entertainment in a variety of styles including unarmed and weapons fighting for the screen.

Advanced Body Control - Mixed Martial Arts

Most of the best cinematic fight scenes are produced by people who first learned to understand the art of real combat, you don't learn to pull these punches.

Customised and specialist courses available on request.

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