Breakenback Stunts

The professional stunt performers from Breakenback Stunts have brought you some of the best entertaining action in recent film history.

Breakenback Stunts can be seen in:

    "Tomorrow When The War Began” (Dir. S. Beattie), Australia 2009 (Lead Stunt Double)
  • "The Voice” (Dir. Patric Smith), Sydney, Australia 2009 (Lead, Stunt Coordinator)
  • "False Witness" (Dir. Peter Andrikidis), Sydney, Australia 2008
  • “Good Luck With That” (Dir. I. Breakenback), Sydney, Australia 2007
  • "Outlaw" (Dir. Nick Love), Lydney, UK 2006
  • "Dirty Sanchez" (Dir. Jim Hickey), Wales, UK 2006
  • "WAZ" (Dir. Tom Shankland), Belfast, Ireland 2006
  • "Superman Returns" (Dir. Bryan Singer), Sydney, Australia 2005
  • "Nafaka" (Dir. Jasmin Durakovic), Sarajevo, BIH 2005
  • "Little Fish" (Dir. Rowan Woods), Sydney, Australia 2004
  • "Mask 2: Son of the Mask" (Dir. Lawrence Gutenberg), Sydney, Australia 2004
  • "Ultra Violet" (Dir. Kurt Wimmer), Hong Kong, China 2004
  • "Stealth" (Dir. Rob Cohen), Sydney, Australia 2004
  • "Alexander" (Dir. Oliver Stone), Bangkok, Thailand 2004

We have been working together with some of the world's most reputable stunt teams like:

  • Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team
  • Who Dares Stunt Team
  • Tony Jaa’s Stunt Team
  • Zeljko Bozic Stunt Team
  • 7 Stunt Team
  • Kolosseum Stunt Team
  • Stunt Agency
  • Zen Stunts
  • Mainline Stunts

we can offer lots of different services that can improve your next film project, or motion picture! Some of the services include:

  • Stunt Coordinating
  • Stunt Actors, and Stunt Performers
  • Body Stunts
  • Car Knockdowns
  • Wire Work
  • Animal Stunts
  • Action Directing
  • Fight/Stunts Choreography
  • Set Safety

If you want to hire the Breakenback Stunts Team for your next project, please contact us for a budget proposal at

See you on set of your next film!

Break a leg!

Breakenback Stunts

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