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Brisbane Supanova

Monday, April 4th, 2011

A big thanks to all the fans who came and found our stall at the Brisbane Supanova Expo to say hi and purchase some of our films and merchandise. A very special thanks to those that came back after buying one of our films last year and bought the rest, it is support from people like you that lets us continue to push the bounds of independent cinema in Australia and keep producing the content you love to see and we love to make!

We also took the chance to get a couple of snap shots with the Supanova Supastars who came by the stall and even purchased some of our merchandise for themselves, thank you to action legend Richard Norton (The Octagon, Mr Nice Guy, Rage and Honour) and Peter Williams (Apophis from Stargate SG-1), make sure you come and catch us at the Melbourne Supanova next week and you never know who you might run into!

Richard and Alex
Richard Norton came by the stall to catch up and talk to some of the martial arts fans that were buying our martial arts instructional series “From the Mat to Ultimate Fighting”.
Peter and Alex at Brisbane Supanova
Peter Williams (Apophis in Stargate SG-1) buys a “Good Luck With That” shirt at our stall at the Brisbane Supanova.